Overhead Power Transmission Line Design Using PLSCADD Software Online Training Course

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Course Description


The power transmission line design & survey plays a very vital role in the optimization of transmission line. The use of internationally recognized software PLSCADD a better optimization of transmission line can be achieved in short time.

PLS-CADD is the industry standard in overhead line design and is being used by 1600 companies in over 125 countries worldwide. It is the most powerful overhead power line design program. It integrates all aspects of power transmission line design into a single stand-alone program with a simple, logical, consistent interface.

The course will familiarize the attendees with how to use PLS-CADD on a project from start to finish, including survey importing techniques, criteria development, structure designs, conductor sagging, and final Plan & Profile drawing development and plotting. Time will also be allocated to practicing different real projects to give hands on experience to trainees.

The need for new transmission lines is continuous as the demand is ever increasing to evacuate enhanced power generation to the load centers across the country. In order to optimize the cost of project, the transmission line SURVEY is critical, where considerable saving in cost of project can be achieved.

Course Objectives

  • This course is intended to familiarize the attendees with power transmission line design.
  • How to use PLS-CADD on a project from start to finish, including survey importing techniques, criteria development, structure designs, conductor sagging, and final plan & profile drawing development and plotting.
  • To familiarize about the power transmission line survey basics and optimum line route alignment.
  • Exploring the modern survey tools and field data auditing.

Course Content:

  • Basics of power transmission line design
  • PLSCADD Software system overview and terrain modeling
  • Conductor design and modeling in PLSCADD
  • Structures modeling in PLSCADD
  • Interactive line design and generation of construction documents
  • Modeling existing lines, assessment, and refurbishment
  • Standardization of Feature Codes & Data Input to PLSCADD
  • Tower Spotting Data and Optimum Tower Spotting Using PLSCADD
  • Sag Profiles and Tower Schedules
  • Sag Tension Calculations
  • The Latitude Longitude , UTM Coordinates, Map Projections
  • Digital & satellites survey.
  • Creating Ground profile from Digital Elevation Model(DEM)
  • Use of softwares(Global Mapper, ArcGIS, JOSM, Google Earth Pro, AutoCadd) in Survey Optimization
  • Auditing of Survey
  • Basic introduction of LIDAR Survey

    Certificate of Participation:

    The certificate of attendance will be issued to the participants on completion of course.

    Target Group

    Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Executives, Professionals from Governments, Private and Public Sector undertakings of Power Utilities, Contractors, Consultancy Firms, Professors, Lecturers, and Students of various Universities will find the program useful.

    Programme Date & Time:

    04 days Course (6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Pakistan Time) 11th to 14th June, 2021.

    Online Training Course Fee

    Online Training course Fee: 20,000 PKR

    Online Fees deposit details will be emailed on registration.